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Posted January 1st, 2009

I received a bizarre email from Matt of Mose Giganticus the other day…

“You may already know I spent the majority of 2008 on tour with my band Mose Giganticus in a vegetable oil fueled bus. Our journey began in February and took us to Alaska and back.

At the peak of our travels, furthest away from home, we spent a month working at an Alaskan Salmon Cannery in Soldotna, Alaska. It’s taken 5 months, but I’ve finally written a thorough and photo-heavy journal of what life was like at the cannery.

For a brief window into this very unique industry and way of life, take a scroll through the blog below… but I warn you, it will get graphic.

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Expanded Cannery Photo-Album

Thanks and Enjoy!

He wasn’t kidding about it getting graphic. Proceed with caution