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Posted November 28th, 2008

This weekend we have acoustic dark folk act †Church† in the studio. †Church† is the brain child of Evan Wall, drummer of Bloody Wall Of Gore and touring drummer for Mose Giganticus. Wall draws influences from Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell, Delores O’ridian, Shannon Hoon, Maynard James Keenan, Ian Curtis, Glenn Danzig, Jeff Buckley, Ray Lamontagne, and Trent Reznor, just to name a few. Evan can also be heard playing with southern rock band The Lone Gunman. Give all of these bands a good listen.

Posted November 24th, 2008

We’ve revamped the web site again. Actually, it doesn’t look all that different from the previous version. The main difference is that it’s now running Word Press, a blogging software, to make it a little easier for us to update (hopefully that means updates more often) and gives it a little bit more functionality. Readers also now have the ability to receive RSS feeds and to comment on posts we make, so let us hear from you!

Now, on to the updates that we’ve been slacking on… a bunch of records we recorded recently have been released! You should definitely check them all out. Descriptions are posted below. Mp3 samples will be posted SOON!

In order from most recent to oldest…

GHOLAS Here I Am, Here Is Infinity.

This is heavy, down-tuned sludge rock. The band is comprised of two members of The Black Spoon Brigade and this is basically a continuation of that sound. The three songs on here are all inspired by the works of Philip K. Dick. Here I Am, Here Is Infinity is released as a one-sided 12″ on beautiful 150 gram pink vinyl and comes with an mp3 download card. Visit the band’s Myspace page to find out how to get a copy.


WOE A Spell For The Death Of Man

Woe is the one-man black metal project of Chris Grigg (Unrest, Near Dark). We’d like to tell you how awesome this album is, but the critics have already done that for us…

“this is by far one of the more crushing and powerful black metal releases I’ve heard”. -Etherized Zine

“A Spell for the Death of Man” has so much emotion cut in, that it’s hard to believe it all comes from one person. Xos is the asphyxiated soul behind all instruments and vocals. Woe strums the sound of loss and determination to reach an end, depressing as you reluctantly breathe in the odor of raw, atmospheric black metal with an underlying scent of originality. Once you hear them, these tunes will find a new home blasting through your stereo.” -Archaic Magazine

“What makes the album stand out, then, is the occassional flourish of Americana: The drum and guitar interplay that begins around the 5:10 mark of “Longing Is All That Will Remain,” for example, could have been taken off any number of post-hardcore records, minus the high-pitched screaming vocals. Even that little bit of variety, and the several other nuances waiting to be discovered, is enough to make Woe individualized in among the cloned hordes of U.S. black metal bands. It’s hard to ask anything more of a debut full-length.” -Aquarian Weekly

“Woe’s debut album was on the mark in terms of hitting some seriously evil and despondent chords with his take on the style. Higher end shrieks and screams accompany driving riffs that act as atmospherics and the final nail in the coffin of mankind at the same time. The production is spot on and makes the album that much more powerful.” -Mouth for War Webzine

A Spell For The Death Of Man is available on CD from Stronghold Records or from Woe on Myspace.


BEAR IS DRIVING The Adventures Of Bear Is Driving

Bear is Driving is progressive, manic, instrumental rock with a ginormous breadth of influence. It’s art for art’s sake. That’s the short description from the band’s Myspace page. But words can hardly describe the varying styles and spot on performances this album delivers. The only thing more mind blowing than the performances on this album are the band’s live show. You really need to hear it to understand.


WOMEN Women 7″

Women play old school, lo-fi garage punk, the kind that’s best experienced in a West Philly basement with 40′s in hand. The lyrical content of the these songs range from murderous stranglers, to attending a party at Jeffrey Dahmer’s house, to being friends with Dracula, the Wolfman and a mummy. This is super fun, fun stuff from FDH Records. Here’s a quote from everyone’s favorite punk rag:

you certainly get your money’s worth here as this 7″ ep has six songs, clocks in at over ten minutes, and has a nice hand-screened cover. the music is loose and thrash-y with shouted/yelped vocals and a general lo-fi sound. i guess you could call it old-school hardcore – it definitely has enough energy and plenty of wallop.” – Maximum Rock N’ Roll

Be sure to check out Women on Myspace.



Deathbeds play heavy, down-tempo, shoegaze/metal (is that even a genre?). This is some brutal stuff right here. The band is currently writing new songs and should be recording them for a new release soon (hopefully). In the meantime, their self titled internet only release is available for free download on their Myspace page. Get it!