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Posted April 29th, 2011

Today we are offering up Halo Of Snakes‘ explosive performance from January 22nd, 2011 for free digital download. If you like what you hear, you should probably go and buy their record Viper Letters And Murder Ballads available on 10″ orange vinyl from Harvcore Records.

Here’s a sample song from their set:

Balisong (Live) by Halo Of Snakes

Download the entire set here: Halo Of Snakes – Live At Red Planet 1/22/11

Posted April 26th, 2011

Here is Worshiper’s live set which was recorded on January 22nd, 2011. This live recording was originally offered as a bonus track to their album To Binge And Purge In L.A. if you purchased the album digitally. Now you can get it without buying their record, although, if you don’t have it, you still should. It’s great and is only $2 from their Bandcamp page.

Here’s a sample song from the set:

Download the entire set here: Worshiper – Live At Red Planet 1/22/11

Posted April 14th, 2011

Anyone who has been following us via social media or this web site may already know that we have had a few shows at the studio over the past year. We’ve recorded them all with the intention of releasing them via internet. We’ve been backlogged with studio work but are now happy to announce our first Live At Red Planet release featuring Circle The City. This .zip folder contains the 7 song set they performed on 3/27/11 in the studio in front of an audience. The set (like all sets we will be posting) is completely live. No overdubs or digital fixes. Some of these songs will be part of a 4 way split CD with Dangerbird, Erode & Disappear, and Thee Nosebleeds due out in May from SRA Records.

Here’s a sample song from the set:

Circle The City – Military Time (Live) by Circle The City

Download the entire set here: Circle The City – Live At Red Planet 3/27/11

Posted April 11th, 2011

As mentioned in a previos post, we’ve had some difficulties with our web site in the past and have also been pretty busy. As a result, a lot of news was never posted and we’ve got a lot to catch up on. So, in further (not new) news, we are happy to announce that I, Fanblades released their new 12″ In Retrospect not too long ago (well, not too, too long ago…). Recorded almost entirely live in the studio, In Retrospect is the band’s first vinyl release. It features 4 songs, a hand screened cover, comes with a digital download, and is limited to 200 copies. Hopefully, as of this writing, they still have copies left to sell and you can get one for yourself. If not, you can always check out their Bandcamp page and stream the record there. Here’s a preview:

“This album marks a significant milestone in the i, fanblades career. Between adding new instrumentation, adopting new writing methods, and finding new and better ways to record in our favorite studio to work in up til this point… In Retrospect is simultaneously the best representation of i, fanblades to date, and also the summation of an age that ties together literally all of the styles, methods, themes and ideas of the past recordings. It is also the first release put to vinyl. We certainly hope you enjoy.”

Throw These Little Teeth Away, For They Are Not Your Pretty Smile by I, Fanblades


Front Cover Back Cover Vinyl Label Artwork

Posted April 6th, 2011

This is old news by now, but we had been having problems with our web server for quite some time and are just now able to announce that Gholas have released their new full length Загадка on CD. Music blogs have been praising the album, both for the dense doomy sound that explodes on their speakers and also for the amazing artwork and packaging. Check out pictures of the physical release below as well as a stream of the song “9000 Reasons.” To hear the entire album, visit the band’s Bandcamp page.


9000 Reasons by Gholas

Front Cover Back Cover Outside Unfolded Inside Full Inside Center Disc And Booklet Artwork

Posted July 9th, 2010

Seafrost’s Waves In The Atmosphere has arrived. As the brainchild of Harry Benson, Seafrost is a wonderful blend of shoegaze and 90′s alt rock with haunting melodies and layers of effect laden guitars. The entire album is available as a whole or in parts on the Seafrost Band Camp page as a pay-what-you want (or not at all…) download. An excerpt from the page:

“After almost a year of off and on recording, I am happy to finally be able to share Waves In The Atmosphere with you! For the past few years I’ve been playing solo creating instrumental songs ranging from folk to ambient. Seafrost marks the first project to feature drums, vocals and professional recording :) The inspirations for this spawned from my memories of 90′s alternative music and my adoration for shoegaze and psychedelic music. Now, with the help of Evan and Carla, Waves In The Atmosphere is ready to enter your eardrums! Physical copies may become available eventually, but as of now there are no solid plans.”

Take a listen to “Rainbow Static” here, or go to the Band Camp page to hear the whole album.


Rainbow Static by Seafrost

Posted May 2nd, 2010

It’s been quite a long while in the making, but Evan Wall, better known as †Church†, finally brings us his debut album I Did A Horrible Thing To Meet You. The album consists of ten tracks that perfectly blend dark folk, alternative rock, and metal inspirations into a ball of emotional chaos. Recorded over a very, very long period at Red Planet, and mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, I Did A Horrible Thing… is one of 2010′s albums you wont want to miss. Check out one of the record’s more rocking songs below, along with photo’s of the packaging. The CD is available for purchase now at live performances or through the †Church† Myspace page.


City Of Failure by †Church†

Posted February 8th, 2010

Way back in June 2009 Deathbeds came back into the studio and recorded 3 songs that would eventually be released as a 7″ entitled No Funeral. This time, Chris Grigg (Woe, Near Dark) stepped in to co-engineered the project with us. After rejecting the first test press, No Funeral was finally released last month on Younglungs Ltd. It was pressed on 300 beautiful clear-green pieces of vinyl. Each record comes with a digital download card. The rejected test press was also released in late 2009 which was limited to 30 copies. Check out the photos below, read the blog on the Younglungs site (or better yet, buy the record from them), and listen to the song “Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death” also posted below.

Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death by Deathbeds

18567_245119670736_245108805736_3777798_1566816_n Deathbeds No Funeral 7" Deathbeds No Funeral 7" Deathbeds No Funeral 7" img_1076 img_10871