Posted October 21st, 2011

A couple of months ago I was asked by Urban Outfitters to come down to their headquarters to mix production audio for a promotional video and provide a small pa as monitors for the performance. The video was to promote the fact that Urban will now be selling instruments from Korg and Moog; synthesizers, drum machines and a theremin, specifically. They also hired the band Neon Indian, who had performed at the First Unitarian Church the previous night, to play the instruments as a demonstration. The actual shoot lasted about 2 hours. The band had to improv a piece of music over and over again as the directors shot different angles. They maintained a certain amount of continuity in editing by having the same drum machine pattern play though each take. The shoot was a little hectic because there were 9 different instruments, all with different audio connection types, so adapters had to be purchased at the last minute. Well, there were 9 instruments originally, but one of the drum machines was broken by Neon Indian while they were testing out the instruments during set up. Also,the band had limited time because they were squeezing the shoot in before having to leave for D.C. for that night’s show. All things considered, I think it turned out well.

Neon Indian Plays The UO Music Shop from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.