Posted April 12th, 2011

Back on April 1st I had the pleasure of doing sound for Seafrost and Stephen Brodsky at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. Harry performs Seafrost songs solo so they sound somewhat different from the record. These are definitely cool alternate versions of his work. Luckily, a friend of his took video of the show and he shared the links with me.

Seafrost – Hallucinations

Seafrost – Rainbow Static

Seafrost – Daydream Routine

Seafrost – Navigator

Seafrost – Waves

Seafrost – March Away

Stephen Brodsky – Muddy Jar

Stephen Brodsky – Reanimation

Stephen Brodsky – Everest

Stephen Brodsky – The Calypso

Stephen Brodsky – Sometimes

Stephen Brodsky – The Gnome

Stephen Brodsky – Here’s To The Future

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