Posted February 8th, 2010

Way back in June 2009 Deathbeds came back into the studio and recorded 3 songs that would eventually be released as a 7″ entitled No Funeral. This time, Chris Grigg (Woe, Near Dark) stepped in to co-engineered the project with me. After rejecting the first test press, No Funeral was finally released last month on Younglungs Ltd. It was pressed on 300 beautiful clear-green pieces of vinyl. Each record comes with a digital download card. The rejected test press was also released in late 2009 which was limited to 30 copies. Check out the photos below, read the blog on the Younglungs site (or better yet, buy the record from them), and listen to the song “Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death” also posted below.


Eighteen Hundred And Froze To Death by Deathbeds

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Posted February 7th, 2010

Mose Giganticus has been in the studio the past few weeks recording the upcoming full length Gift Horse. Tracking began in early January at Skylight Studios with Vince Ratti. Matt and Vince sequenced and re-amped all of the synth tracks for the record. Next, Matt was supposed to go into Studio 4 and track his drums with Will Yip, but that was postponed because Will was called away by Lauryn Hill at the last minute to play drums for her in Australia. Instead, we used those days to record my rhythm guitar tracks with Vince at Skylight (Jan 16th & 17th).

The following Thursday and Friday I returned to record my lead guitar tracks and Brooks Wilson came in for the weekend to lay down all of his guitar parts. Colin Smith, who played bass on the original recording (and all previous MoseG recordings), was unable to work it into his schedule, so Brooks handled all of the bass guitar duties as well (Jan 21st – 24th).

At some point it was decided that waiting for Will to return from Australia would push the record too far past it’s deadline so drum tracking was to take place this weekend at Skylight. However, the recent snow storm caused Matt and Vince to cancel the session. Drum tracking may begin tomorrow, or next week. What I have heard of the recording so far sounds great. Matt has recorded some of his vocals but I haven’t heard them yet. The pictures below are from the January 16th – 17th & Jan 21st – 24th sessions.

-2 IMG_0243 IMG_0248 IMG_0249 IMG_0244 IMG_0252 IMG_0253 IMG_0239 -7