Posted May 4th, 2010

I’m sure you’ve never heard of my old band Alyosha, but I recently had our 2006 record {ghosts} remastered. Dave Downham at Gradwell House did it and it sounds pretty great. The remaster is available for free as a digital download in both high quality 320kbps MP3 and also lossless FLAC format (available in 2 separate zip folders), both with high resolution artwork. What does the album sound like? Well I’m never very good at describing my own bands so maybe this review excerpt from Origivation Magazine will help:

“This fast-paced, high-energy indie rock disc is totally defined by the challenging guitar melodies. Everything else is gravy. Luscious, sweet, heavy, gravy that is absolutely complimentary to the rich and thought-provoking guitar work. The songs are all broken into succinct movements – even the tracks that are mostly ambient noise are tiny journeys. As beautiful as it is exploratory, and exciting as it is experimental, {ghosts} demands and commands complete attention from the first second of track 1 to 4 hours after you’ve finished track 13.”

Click here for mp3 download

Click here for FLAC download (2 separate .zip folders)