Posted April 12th, 2011

Back on April 1st I had the pleasure of doing sound for Seafrost and Stephen Brodsky at the North Star Bar in Philadelphia. Harry performs Seafrost songs solo so they sound somewhat different from the record. These are definitely cool alternate versions of his work. Luckily, a friend of his took video of the show and he shared the links with me.

Seafrost – Hallucinations

Seafrost – Rainbow Static

Seafrost – Daydream Routine

Seafrost – Navigator

Seafrost – Waves

Seafrost – March Away

Stephen Brodsky – Muddy Jar

Stephen Brodsky – Reanimation

Stephen Brodsky – Everest

Stephen Brodsky – The Calypso

Stephen Brodsky – Sometimes

Stephen Brodsky – The Gnome

Stephen Brodsky – Here’s To The Future

Posted April 7th, 2011

It’s almost been a year since Seafrost released Waves In The Atmosphere as a digital download. Well now we finally get a physical release on CD. Check out the screen shots below. Visit the Bandcamp page to purchase the album which also comes with a bonus disc of loops and demos called Extra Textures.

Front Back OutsideInside Disc Cover Art

Posted July 9th, 2010

Seafrost’s Waves In The Atmosphere has arrived. As the brainchild of Harry Benson, Seafrost is a wonderful blend of shoegaze and 90′s alt rock with haunting melodies and layers of effect laden guitars. The entire album is available as a whole or in parts on the Seafrost Band Camp page as a pay-what-you want (or not at all…) download. An excerpt from the page:

After almost a year of off and on recording, I am happy to finally be able to share Waves In The Atmosphere with you! For the past few years I’ve been playing solo creating instrumental songs ranging from folk to ambient. Seafrost marks the first project to feature drums, vocals and professional recording :) The inspirations for this spawned from my memories of 90′s alternative music and my adoration for shoegaze and psychedelic music. Now, with the help of Evan and Carla, Waves In The Atmosphere is ready to enter your eardrums! Physical copies may become available eventually, but as of now there are no solid plans.

Take a listen to “Rainbow Static” here, or go to the Band Camp page to hear the whole album.


Rainbow Static by Seafrost